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Guidelines for Brown Cup Event Camping

Camping at a Brown Cup event can be an exciting and unforgettable experience. To ensure your adventure is filled with joy and comfort, it's important to follow some essential safety and practical guidelines. 


Camping at a Brown Cup event can be an exciting and unforgettable experience. To ensure your adventure is filled with joy and comfort, it's important to follow some essential guidelines. This article provides valuable guidance to help you make the most of your Brown Cup event camping experience. From selecting the perfect tent to securing your belongings, these tips will set you up for a successful and enjoyable time.

Fire safety first

A fire can destroy a tent in 60 seconds. Make sure you:

  • Do not use candles in or near a tent, torches are safer;
  • Do not smoke, vape, or burn incense in or around tents. 
  • Do not use cooking stoves and BBQs in the camping area. There is a separate area for using stoves in the main sailing grounds area. A club BBQ is available for use.
  • Know how to escape by cutting your way out of the tent if there is a fire - but there shouldn't be as the camping area is strictly a no flame area!
  • Never use BBQs inside or near the entrance of your tent - the carbon monoxide they produce can kill even hours after they have been used. To work safely BBQs need more ventilation than your tent or awning can provide. BBQs are designed for cooking food not heating spaces.

What to do in the event of a fire

  • Keep calm and get everyone away as quickly as you can
  • Raise the alarm and contact the nearest LESC representative
  • steward or campsite info point.

General guidelines for camping at Brown Cup

Bring a Reliable and Suitably Small Tent

When preparing for a Brown Cup event, it's crucial to bring a tent or arrange appropriate sleeping arrangements. Opt for a tent that is reliable and suits the event's requirements. Consider factors such as weather conditions, available space, and the number of occupants. Choosing a tent that offers sufficient protection and comfort is essential for a pleasant camping experience. Your camping space allocation is based on a small two person tent.

Consider Space Constraints

Brown Cup event campsites may have limited space, so it's important to be considerate of others. Avoid bringing an excessively large tent unless necessary. Being mindful of space limitations ensures a more harmonious and comfortable camping environment for all participants.

Familiarise Yourself with Your Tent

If you have a new tent, take the time to familiarise yourself with its setup before the event. Practice assembling and disassembling it to ensure you are confident in the process. Ensure that you have all the necessary components, such as poles and tent pegs. This preparation will save you time and potential frustrations during the event.

Properly Secure Your Tent

Weather conditions can change rapidly during Scottish outdoor events, so it's essential to secure your tent properly. Ensure you use the guy ropes and securely anchor your tent with sturdy tent pegs. This will prevent your tent from being displaced or damaged by strong winds. Ensuring the stability and integrity of your shelter will contribute to a more pleasant camping experience.

Safeguard Your Valuables

During the Brown Cup event, it's important to keep your valuables safe and secure. Avoid leaving them unattended in your tent, especially when you are away. Consider using lockable storage containers or keeping valuables on your person to minimize the risk of theft. Taking these precautions will allow you to fully enjoy the event without worry.

Prepare for Weather Conditions

Stay prepared for various weather conditions that may arise during the Brown Cup event. Check the forecast and pack appropriate clothing and gear to ensure comfort and safety. Bring rain gear, warm clothing, and sun protection as needed. Being prepared for the elements will allow you to fully enjoy the event, rain or shine.

Leave No Trace

When it's time to leave the Brown Cup event, practice responsible camping by leaving no trace behind. Clean up your campsite and dispose of any waste properly. Take your tent and all belongings with you, ensuring the area is as clean as when you arrived. By respecting the environment, you contribute to the sustainability and enjoyment of future events.


By following these essential guidelines, you can have a memorable and enjoyable camping experience at a Brown Cup event. Choose a reliable and suitable tent, be mindful of space constraints, and familiarize yourself with your equipment. Secure your tent properly, safeguard your valuables, and prepare for weather conditions. Finally, practice responsible camping by leaving no trace behind. With these tips, you're ready to create lasting memories at your next Brown Cup event camping excursion.Guidelines for a memorable Brown Cup Event camping experience