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10 June 2024

Event Report | 2024 Brown Cup
Scottish School Sailing

The 2024 Brown Cup, held on 10 June at Loch Earn Sailing Club, brought together some of Scotland's best and newest young primary and secondary school sailors.

Hosted by Loch Earn Sailing Club and sponsored by Optos, this annual event has been a Scottish School Sailing calendar highlight since 1959.

Analysis of the Scottish School Sailing Championships 2024

The Scottish School Sailing Championships 2024 provided a competitive platform for young sailors and emphasised grassroots sailing in Scotland. The event is designed to introduce and encourage young sailors to racing, fostering a spirit of sportsmanship and dedication among participants. This year's competition featured various categories of dinghies, including Optimist, Topper, and Handicap classes, with schools from across the country participating.

Overall Performance

Largs Academy emerged as the dominant school in the overall standings, securing the top three positions in the Handicap category. The sailors Cameron McDaid, Eva Farnell, and Kate Shelley contributed significantly to the school's success. Cameron McDaid achieved an impeccable score of 3 points across three races, showcasing consistent top-tier performance. Eva Farnell and Kate Shelley also performed admirably, finishing second and third with 7 and 9 points, respectively.

Lomond School also demonstrated a strong presence, particularly in the Optimist and Topper categories. Andrew Perratt from Lomond School clinched first place in the Optimist category with a perfect score of 3 points. Logan Brown and James McPherson secured second and fourth place in the Topper category, further solidifying Lomond School's status as a sailing school.

Consistent Top Sailors

Several sailors exhibited excellent consistency throughout the event.

Sailing his Optimist, Andrew Perratt of Lomond School secured first place in all three races, culminating in a total score of 3 points.

Emily Shearer, representing Jordanhill School in the Topper, displayed consistent performance with scores of 2, 2, and 1 in the three races, resulting in a total score of 5 points. Emily also won the Topper class in 2023.

Cameron McDaid of Largs Academy, sailing his Laser/ ILCA in the Handicap Class, dominated the category with three consecutive first-place finishes.

These sailors' ability to maintain top positions across multiple races highlights their improving skills.

Notable Performances and Improvements

Notable Performances

Elsie Munro, of Tough School sailing her Optimist,  finished fourth overall with a total score of 13 points, showcasing a solid performance despite not being among the top three.

Tom Selby of Douglas Academy, sailing his Topper achieved a respectable fifth place with a total score of 16 points, indicating a solid effort in a competitive field.

Matthew Williams, of Dunblane High School, sailing in his Optimist, was noteworthy for his consistent performance through varying weather conditions. As the 2022 Primary School category winner, Matthew demonstrated his commitment by handling both light and strong winds effectively, finishing seventh overall with a total score of 21 points. Matthew won the prize for best-placed Loch Earn Sailing Club sailor this year.


Kate Shelley of Largs Academy, Handicap improved her performance over the races, securing a third-place finish overall with a total score of 9 points. Her consistency in the top positions across different race conditions was commendable.

Rebecca Hodgkins, Mackie Academy, Topper, demonstrated improvement throughout the event, finishing eleventh with 36 points.

School Performances

Largs Academy dominated the Handicap category with top-three finishes, showcasing depth in their sailing team.

Lomond School exhibited strong performances in both the Optimist and Topper categories. Andrew Perratt's first-place finish in the Optimist category and consistent top finishes in the Topper category by Logan Brown and James McPherson highlight the school's prowess.

James Gillespies High School achieved notable success in the RS Feva class within the Handicap category. Tiana Unger and her crew, Laila Beint, secured a fourth-place finish, while Porter Cruichshank de Farias and Johnny McGarvey, Oscar Unger and Oisin O’Kane, also performed well.

Grassroots Sailing and Youth Encouragement

The Scottish School Sailing Championships aim to nurture grassroots sailing and introduce young sailors to racing excitement. By providing a structured yet supportive environment, the event encourages newcomers to develop skills and gain confidence in competitive sailing. The championship is a stepping stone for young sailors to explore the sport further and for those who are regular young racers.


The Brown Cup not only celebrates the winners but also recognises all participants' hard work and progress. Its aim is to promote sailing and community spirit. Since 1959, the event has focused on grassroots sailing, successfully encouraging personal development.